C'est Si Bon! - Taste of cajun comes to Edmond

C'est Si Bon! - Taste of cajun comes to Edmond

C'est Si Bon! - Taste of cajun comes to Edmond

Catfish, crawfish, and beignets are just a few of the numerous unique options on the C'est Si Bon Catfish and Po Boys menu that seem to have citizens claiming, "It is so good."

Restaurant founder and owner Ken Mills said C'est Si Bon opened its Edmond location March 22 and in its first few month of operation residents have responded positively to his food.

"People love it. It's been a blessing. Reactions have been amazing," Mills said.

C'est Si Bon is French for "it's so good" and though a bold statement, Mills feels it is suiting for his restaurant.

"I wanted something French to go with the cajun theme and the food is so good so I thought we should just name it that," Mills said.

There are two other locations in Del City and Midwest City and the chef said the reason he chose Edmond was because of reactions his food truck received during Heard on Hurd.

"We got a lot of good responses and I knew this would be a good place to set up a restaurant and so for the third location we chose Edmond," Mills said.

Mills first began his business in Oklahoma five years ago in Midwest City but owned and worked in the restaurant business for 35 years in New Orleans.

"This was natural to do. I decided Oklahoma could use a good cajun crill kind of place and low and behold it proved to be right," Mills said.

Located at 308 W Edmond Rd., another reason Mills chose Edmond was because of the constant traffic flow.

Mills went to Brighton Polytechnique in England and later received a business administration degree from Southern University of New Orleans.

He describes his food as different from the norm and delicious for most who wish to taste it.

"It's very flavorful. If you're in tune with New Orleans-style cooking then you would just love this restaurant. Because I take a lot of the cajun creole and I mix to create my very own flavor," Mills said.

C'est Si Bon sells what many consider affordable burgers, catfish, crawfish and other food options to a variety of customers including families and business associates. On the weekends, each meal comes with free bread pudding and free beignets.

Mills and his wife, Christy, have three children. She manages the new Edmond location.

"I really like working here because I always want to talk to people and meet all kinds of people and it's nice," Christy said.  

The Mills have lived in Oklahoma for the last 15 years and he worked with cars before going back into the restaurant business.

"I was in the car business for a little bit because I decided to leave the restaurant business for a little bit, but then I thought ‘man this place could use a good cajun cuisine,' so that's what I did," Mills said.

For the chef, even though operating his own business can be a struggle and hard work, he finds it rewarding.

"You have a lot of customers you have to please and you have to be consistent all the time - which I am - but the reward and the satisfaction of serving the community something unique is (the best)," Mills said.

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