Black Spotlight! C'est Si Bon Cajun Catfish & Po Boys

Black Spotlight! C'est Si Bon Cajun Catfish & Po Boys

Black Spotlight! C'est Si Bon Cajun Catfish & Po Boys

Ken Mills, the owner of C'est Si Bon Restaurants, opened his first one in Midwest City in 2014. I guess you could say he is fairly new to these parts, but he is not new to the restaurant business. Ken has a long history of operating his own restaurants in New Orleans before moving to Oklahoma. Now that he's here, he's bringing new flavor to the city. He not only runs two restaurants and operates the C'est Si Bon Food Truck, which you can find at some of the city's major events, he also makes his own dressings and sells those at all his businesses.

Ken's training for cooking is probably a little different from most restaurant owners. He learned his skill for cooking from a culinary school in England. He continued his education at Southern University in New Orleans where he received a degree in Business Administration. However, his real training for cooking Cajun food came from working in the restaurants in New Orleans and learning the flavor of the city.

C'est Si Bon is a family owned and operated business. Ken's wife, Christina, manages the new Del City location that opened in December, 2015.

Ken's advice that he would give to someone going into the restaurant business is: "They need to go to work for someone already in the business and learn as much as they can about how business is done and see if this is really for them. They must be disciplined and make sure they have a good solid long range business plan."

Ken's working slogan or words to live by in business is: "Put in your best work every day and treat every day like the first day on the job. Remember God has a path just for you and all Blessings are channeled from Him...… in business God puts you where He wants you to be."

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